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Before having your rug repaired, keep in mind that repair can enhance or diminish the rug's value artistically and/or monetarily. One of our rug experts will determine whether repairs will compromise the original properties of the rug which can affect the value of the rug. Boro Carpet and Rug Cleaning uses experienced and talented rug specialist to ensure your rug is restored with authenticity.

The most common antique rug repairs we perform are ends, edges, holes, and field wear. Repairing will stabilize the integrity of the rug, restoring its resiliency and strength. It prevents added injury that structural weakness causes. Stabilizing the body of the rug can stop unraveling and fraying, which affect not only the rug construction, but the artistry of the rug and, of course the value of the rug. Because of the delicacy of rug repair, we recommend you take advantage of our free home consultation and quote for your next carpet cleaning. A professional technician will inspect the rug and recommend the most effective service to get the results you desire.

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