Organic Cleaning NYC

Our cleaning method uses no harsh chemicals that pose a risk to either the user or to the occupants of the house and to the environment !

To give our clients the healthiest and safest cleaning we use only products that we know are all organic. For those who do not know, organic products clean just as well as harsh chemicals, and your family doesn’t have to sacrifice its health for a clean living environment!

Our formula contains natural active enzymes that are in a suspended state. This means the enzymes are in a coma-like state until they contact any dirt's, oils, bacteria, mold, odors and more.

Once the live enzymes come into contact with any intruders they then eat up every last bit of the dirt, oil and other irritants that are in your carpet. Why do the carpets stay clean for so long? It is because these
enzymes stay active in the carpet for a period of time until the intruders reappear back into the carpet and the enzymes awake and feast on the them. In other words its a natural antibiotic shield that protects your carpet.

We recommend taking advantage of our consultation and free quote for your next organic rug, upholstery or carpet cleaning. An expert tech will inspect the carpets and recommend the most effective service to get the results you desire.

For a full explanation of our carpet and rug cleaning process please call us. Our customer service reps will answer your questions over the phone.

Call 1-800-470-4340

Call to speak to our trained service agents for questions regarding your rug, carpet or upholstery cleaning. You can also schedule a free consultation with a free quote over the phone and our expert techs will inspect your carpet, upholstery and rugs and give you the best solution at the best price.

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